Monday, April 18, 2016

Awesome Retro Game Magazine Ads, Vol. 2!

In this edition of Awesome Retro Game Magazine Ads, we look at an American football icon, some deals, third party peripherals and a big ass eyeball!

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John Elway's Quarterback

On one hand, I appreciate the idea that the ad is going for, by equating the experience of playing the game to actually being John Elway. But there's one thing that takes me out of what they're going for entirely; the fact that John Elway is likely holding a video game controller for the first time in his life in this picture and is holding it in the most unnatural, uncomfortable way imaginable. I know it was likely a picture taken in the corner of some building he just happened to be in and the shoot took all of 2 minutes, but at least pretend to hold the damn thing correctly!

Blockbuster Game System Rental

In my hometown growing up we didn't have a Blockbuster. Our only options for renting movies and video games were to either do so at the local grocery store or at a video store known by the locals as "Dirty Ernie's." The idea of renting video game consoles was something I was entirely unaware of during my adolescence. Looking at this now, I must say that this would've been mighty tempting at the time. The idea of test running a system before you throw hundreds of dollars out trying to purchase the thing would be nice. To be honest, though, you could likely experience the best that the Virtual Boy has to offer by partaking in this deal and not be out more than 10 bucks.

Atari Jaguar

The Atari Jaguar's marketing plan was simple enough, do some mental gymnastics to justify calling yourself a "64 bit" console and hope that it works when you attempt to take a dump all over your competition. Anyone reading this can safely say that it didn't, but it was worth a shot I guess. This magazine ad fits in line with the popular "Do the Math" television ads that were around at the time.

Resident Evil

More often than not in these posts I am poking fun at a lot of these ads, but this ad is pretty much excellent. It captures the suspense of the Resident Evil game and it doesn't give away much. It sets just the right tone. A++ would buy from again.

InterAct Memory Card Plus

Anyone who played games on consoles that utilized memory cards like the PlayStation can attest to the fact that those things would fill up quickly, requiring you to either delete precious saves or rush out to buy another memory card. In theory, these memory cards from InterAct with 8 MEGS OF GAME SAVING POWER are great, but anyone who had one of these third party memory cards can also tell you that they were unstable as hell, causing you to often lose your save files at any given moment. Third party memory cards improved in quality during the following console generation, but they could not be trusted here.

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