Monday, August 29, 2016

Tekken 2 Intro GIFs!

Tekken 2, one of the best fighting games on the PlayStation, saw it's 20th birthday (in the US) over the weekend. To celebrate, I decided to make some GIFs of the game's spectacular opening video. Enjoy!


Jun sees you watching at a distance!

Lei, obviously in no way inspired by 80s and 90s action movies, arrives on the scene!

Yoshimitsu is testing his mechanical hand that he will later use to function as a helicopter blade in his ending (seriously).

And all of the other characters we didn't want to take the time to include in this intro in an amazing montage!

Kazuya chilling with Angel (and in no way foreshadowing the game's final boss!)

That's it for now. The whole video is well worth watching. Check it out below:

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