Thursday, January 21, 2016 in 1996!

The year is 1996. Bill Clinton was just elected to a second term as president. Christmas is just around the corner. And what are you doing? Browsing in the local library! Let's see what gems we can find!

To begin, let's check out the Buzz section.

My favorite thing is the note about "overwhelming abuse" in the live chats causing them to flat out stop doing them. It's comforting to know that assholes overruled the internet 20 years ago as they do today.

As an aside, I would've loved to win a trip to Japan to meet AM2. They've made some of my favorite games.

Next up, Spotlight!

On this page we can check out some killer titles on Sega's plate this season, including Virtua Fighter 2, Vectorman 2 and Daytona USA. Let's check out Virtua Fighter 2.

Sweet, downloads! I downloaded the desktop background provided. What do you guys think?

Also, Vectorman 2 and Daytona USA have some sweet webpages!

Following this, I check out the games page.

I have loved some of the downloads available on this website that I've already found, so let's see what is available here.

Demos! I have always wanted to try Comix Zone, let's give it a download.

Woah, woah, woah. 8MB of RAM and a Soundblaster sound card? 1.6 MEGABYTES? Those specs are out of control. My computer can't handle this. Moving on.

Next up, I click the "Rec Room" and I am bombarded with gifs!

I am so enamored by these gifs that I can't even bother to look at anything else on the website. This is peak 1996 internet and I don't think it can get much better.

See you next time!

Thanks to for the phenomenal Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

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