Thursday, January 21, 2016

Welcome to Retro Game Dad!

Welcome to a different kind of gaming website.

When I began to think about making the jump into creating a gaming website, I tried to think about the types of websites that are currently out there. Out of all of the types of content that is available pertaining to video games and the written word on the internet, I would wager that “reviews, news & editorials” are likely the most prevalent.

In making the decision to actually create a website, I wanted to do something that was a little different from the standard “gaming website” containing current day reviews, editorials, etc. so I opted to make the focus on retro gaming.

The internet is filled with archives of gaming media from the past, including endless gaming commercials, magazines, promotional material, etc. and those items are things I’ve found to be fascinating. They take me back to my childhood almost like playing the actual video games do.

On this website, expect to see reviews of promotional VHS tapes, old gaming magazines, magazine ads, old game websites and whatever else regarding retro games that comes to mind.

At the core, I want Retro Game Dad to be a chronicle of the world in which the games of my childhood existed.

I plan to do a lot of things with this website in the coming months. I hope you’ll have as much fun with it as I expect to.

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