Thursday, May 12, 2016

Batman Returns for NES is a Forgotten Gem

When almost anyone thinks of video game adaptations of the film Batman Returns, most immediately imagine the Super Nintendo game. A good with reason, too, It keeps in line with the atmosphere of the Burton film in tone, graphics and its music. The biggest reason, though, is that it was the "current" platform of the time. Releasing in 1992, with the SNES being well-established at that point, it was the "main" version of the game. Of course, Konami also realized that even though the NES was many years old at this point, it had an install base of tens of millions of units. That wasn't money they were willing to leave on the table.

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Usually you would think that the "inferior" platform would get a sub par game that was nothing more than a lazy cash in, but I think the NES version of the game stands up on its own and is very much its own game.

The SNES game, as I previously mentioned, is a pretty by-the-books 16 bit beat 'em up movie adaptation. This game, while also a beat 'em up, feels next to nothing like the movie it is based on in pretty much any way outside of Batman and some characters from the movie showing up.

This game is plays like an NES Double Dragon game with the soundtrack of an NES Mega Man game. The tone of the music is nothing like the movie whatsoever. Who really cares, though, because it is fantastic.

There's really not much else to say about this game, other than it is very much worth your time. The soundtrack, found here on YouTube, is also worth a listen if you're into 8 bit game music.

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