Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Introducing "Pixels and Powerbombs"

Hey, all!

Today I am happy to announce a new project under the Retro Game Dad banner, a blog called "Pixels and Powerbombs!"

Over at the website on Tumblr, which you can find here, I describe Pixels and Powerbombs as "a project in which I will attempt to play almost every professional wrestling video game in existence that I am able to get my hands on." I have identified well over 150 pro wrestling games from the past 30+ years that I want to play and document in one place. I will mostly provide screenshots and relatively short impressions on each game to fit along with what works on Tumblr.

I still plan on publishing on Retro Game Dad at the same rate I have been over the past several weeks, but I wanted to expand upon my love of professional wrestling games in its own space. I'll likely provide periodical highlights from P&P here on Retro Game Dad, but the bulk of that content will be on its own website.

If you like old games and professional wrestling, please check it out!

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